Closed for the winter

We have sold all the mums and will be closing for the rest of fall and winter. We will be reopening back up next spring. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all next spring.

Closed for summer

Thank you for making it a great spring.   We are now closed for the summer.  We will open back up early September for mum sales.   Check back here or on Facebook for updated times and information.  

Last Summer Sale

4″ Annuals ad Perennials are now $1.00

3″ Annuals and Perennials are now $1.00

3″ Herbs are now $1.00

6″ Tropical ferns are now $3.00

6″ Perennials are now $3.00

10″ Hanging Baskets are now $10.00

4pk Bedding plants are now $1.00 or $6.00 for a full flat.  
New store hours: everyday 9am to 5pm

Sale days

10″ hanging baskets 14.99

4″ Annuals 3.00

3″ herbs 1.99

6″ tomatoes 3.00

4″ peppers 1.00

4″ perennials buy 4 get 5th free

6″ perennials 5.00

Easter Sunday 

Easter Sunday we will be open from 9-12 while we water the greenhouses.  The following Monday we will extend our hours to 9-7 during the week and 9-5 on the weekend.  Have a happy Easter.